Climate Change Policy

Cue recognises the scientific consensus of climate change and the need to reduce global emissions and considers these as significant issues for all stakeholders of the company and the wider community.

Societies around the world are striving to meet the two interdependent objectives of meeting greenhouse gas reduction commitments to reduce the risks posed by climate change while providing affordable, secure energy supplies to meet growing demand and contribute the growth of living standards.

Cue conducts ongoing reviews of the effects of climate change on our business and assets, including operational, economic and strategy risks. We regularly update risks and commercial changes related to, or caused by, climate.

The company recognises its position as an energy provider and will support global efforts to reduce climate change by:

  • Actively reviewing and, where economically practicable, implementing opportunities to reduce the carbon impact of our own operations;
  • Encouraging and supporting our joint venture partners to look for and implement low-carbon solutions at our non-controlled operations;
  • Meeting the carbon reporting requirements and obligations of the countries where we operate;
  • Identifying, managing and mitigating material climate change risk to our business;
  • Reporting our governance, strategy, risk management and targets