Community & Environment

Empowering our communities 

Cue continues to support the communities in which we operate. Through our joint venture partnerships, we
proudly assist our partners in their community activities. Within our own operations, Cue actively promotes
opportunities for local and regional economic growth, adhering to our Capturing Local Economic Benefits
Policy, and we encourage our partners to adopt similar practices.

Our Indonesian operations cultivate close ties with local communities, offering employment  prospects, community facilities, and aid initiatives.

In the Mahato PSC, Texcal supported various health initiatives, such as aid for undernourished children and
pregnant women, contributing to local communities during annual religious festivities, and facilitating the
development of sporting fields in Petapahan village.

Medco Energy, representing the Sampang PSC joint venture, placed importance on assisting local fisherman
during the year by distributing fishing equipment. In addition, they undertake community programs and
infrastructure projects including constructing local roads, sanitary facilities, and installing external lighting and community equipment. Medco Sampang also partakes in tree planting initiatives, including the Peduli 550 Pohon (care for 550 trees) program.

Central Petroleum, the operator of Cue’s onshore Australia Assets in the Northern Territory, maintains a close partnership with the Traditional Owners in the area, providing employment and training opportunities at our operations. A significant number of Centrals’ Northern Territory staff live locally or are indigenous, and local contractors are utilised at the operations where possible.

Central Petroleum engages in constructive dialogues with Traditional owners across Mereenie, Palm Valley and Dingo, fostering transparency, sharing plans, discussing performance and gathering input on matters requiring community support. Central financially supports various community groups, including literature and indigenous art programs and operational costs for community centres in remote communities, as well as sponsoring local AFL sporting clubs the Pioneer Eagles and Western Arranta Bulldogs and local softball and basketball programs.

OMV New Zealand continues its partnership with numerous community organisations in the Taranaki area. Their enduring relationships encompass supporting the Taranaki Air Ambulance Service, the Rotakare Scenic Reserve Trust, and recent involvement in extensive tree planting projects. OMV New Zealand also supports the Roderique Hope Trust, offering aid to the increasing homeless population in Taranaki.